Ten Techniques For Successful Self-Directed Work Teams

Behavior Norms & Expectations
Values and behaviors guiding teamwork

Leadership Roles In Teams
Typical leadership roles performed by team members in a self-directed team

Team Training
Skill-building plan to develop interpersonal and technical skills

Team Empowerment Plan
Responsibilities the team assumes as it moves toward self direction

Communication Plan
Managing team interfaces by developing good communication within and outside the team

Peer Feedback
Team members give developmental feedback to one another

Performance Improvement Process
The team has a process for addressing team member's behavior that is causing problems within the team

Goal Setting
Developing team measures and targets to hold the team accountable for business results

Integrating Lean Tools in a Team
Incorporating 5s, Kaizen, value stream mapping and visual management in the team's operation

Recognition Systems
Motivate and recognize team and individual accomplishments

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